Why Hire An Attorney?

One of the more well-known sayings that the public has heard is “someone who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” It is never a smart idea, or a cost-effective one to try and go into court without an attorney. With the vast amount of immigration attorneys available for hire, there must be a reason that’s keeping us all in business.

There are various reasons why this can become a problem. One reason is that while you are not a trained attorney, the court is going to view you and treat you like one. You will be expected to know the guidelines, rules, laws and procedures. While there may be information on the internet that people can print out, read, and feel more confident in their legal knowledge, this does not mean you can walk into the court at the same level as a lawyer. Yes, there have been a select few who have been able to do this, but the odds of this happening are very slim. Another issue is that these people who have been able to successfully do this in the past, feel that they may able to make lightning strike twice for them. For many individuals who choose this path, they realize very quickly that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Hiring a good attorney should be thought of as an investment towards your future. Cost is always a major concern to people, but if the attorney is experienced in what they do, that investment can save you a ton of money in the long run and can help prevent you from hiring an attorney for even more money in the future. A professional attorney will be able to help you fill out forms and motions, which takes the stress off you, wondering if you have filled out the forms right and understood the law correctly.

A statement we have heard many times is “I wish I would have come to you first.” While we hear that sometimes from people who have retained other attorneys, we have also heard this from people who have tried to go into court alone. Those people say this because it is usually more expensive to hire an attorney to clean up the legal mess than it is to hire a good attorney from the start. And yes, even though cleaning up a legal situation might mean more money our pockets, that is not what we are about. We would actually rather a client hire us first, saving them money, rather than having us being paid to do an appeal. We are in this business to help people.

The main reason why most people retain an attorney is that the system tends to act differently when an attorney is present. We say this because the system includes everything and everyone. It is hard to explain this phenomenon but one way to look at it is how the judges, court staff and others may feel that there is no one looking, leaving you legally unprotected. The sad truth is that our court system is overburdened and no one likes to deal with pro se litigants. So, corners may be cut in order to quickly move your case and if you are not an attorney, how will you know if things are being done correctly?

Seasoned attorneys will also “make a record”. When appeals are filed, the case is not gone through again; just an argument is brought to a higher court to see if the lower judge did something wrong in the case. To top it all off, you generally can’t make any new arguments since the lower judge didn’t have the chance to consider these newer arguments. So if proper arguments weren’t made at the trial level, it makes your appeal a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

As you can see, there is rarely a good reason not to hire an attorney. While some routine motions or motions involving not a lot of money may not really require hiring an attorney, the best part is it shouldn’t cost you anything to find out what is the best method moving forward. Most attorneys, including the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., have free consultation and honest attorneys, like us, will let our clients know if they should or should not take a certain course of action. We have even talked ourselves out of business by making sure our clients understand all the risks and costs involved. Our law firm would rather not have their money rather than taking their hard-earned money under false pretenses or without them fully understanding their legal situation. We have found that being honest with one client will tend to get you more clients in the future.

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