Is there a visa for aliens who wish to trade in the United States?

New Jersey Immigrant Trader Visa Lawyers

Yes, there is a temporary visa for alien traders called the E-1 status. To receive an E-1 classification, the United States must already have a commercial treaty with the alien’s home country and the person entering the country is looking to solely engage in a substantial amount of trade. Usually this kind of visa is for someone organizing trade between the United States and the foreign national’s home country. The trade that the alien trader is participating in must be an international exchange and the title to the item of the trade must pass from the United States and the treaty country. If the alien trader is already in the United States, in order to obtain an E-1 visa, the I-129 form must be filled out to apply for a change of status. If the alien trader is not currently residing in the United States, he or she can apply for the E-1 visa on their own with the United States consular office abroad.

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