What visa can I get if I’m a person of extraordinary ability?

New Jersey O Status Attorneys

An O status visa, or an O-1 non-immigrant temporary visa, is eligible for foreign nationals who have extraordinary ability in business, sports, teaching, science or art. The employer looking to hire this foreign individual with extraordinary ability must file Form I-129 with a copy of the contract for the job, a written advisory opinion and any evidence of the individual’s achievements. Evidence for this could be something like a Nobel Prize, having a scholarly article that the individual wrote published in an esteemed journal, or membership in an association in the field of classification. An O-1 non-immigrant temporary visa is also eligible for individuals who have achieved notoriety of extraordinary achievement in media, such as the television or motion picture industries. Just like with filling out the Form I-129 petition for a teaching or science classification, the same evidence must be gathered. However, instead of a Nobel Prize, it could be an Emmy or Academy Award.

If you are looking to get employed within the United States and can demonstrate an extraordinary ability, contact the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., to speak with one of our professional O status visa attorneys. Our experienced Ocean County visa lawyers will walk you through all the appropriate forms and make sure everything is completed correctly. Use our free initial consultation by calling 732-383-6242 and schedule an appointment today!

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