How do I obtain an investor visa?

New Jersey E-2 Treaty Investor Visa Lawyers

An E-2 treaty investor visa is for foreign nationals, where their home country has a commercial treaty with the United States, who plan to come to the US to develop and guide the operations of an industry that they either have invested in or are about to invest a significant amount of capital towards. If the immigrant is already residing in the United States, the I-129 form should be utilized in order to apply for an extension of stay or a change in immigration status or employment. In regards to the change of employment, this will not require a petition if the foreign national is living outside of the country at that time. If that is the case, the foreign investor will need to apply for this category on his or her own to a United States consular office in their home country.

The investment within the American enterprise or industry that the foreign national has placed must be lawfully and legally owned and controlled capital. This investment involved also must be a commercial risk in order to raise profit, and the enterprise or industry be subject to substantial loss if the investment does not go through. When your financial and occupational situations are on the line, retaining an intelligent and resourceful investor visa attorney is crucial. At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., our highly proficient Somerset County investor visa attorneys are available any time, even on nights and weekends, to discuss the details surrounding your application for a E-2 treaty visa. Contact us today at 732-383-6242 to use our free initial consultation.

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